Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa Baby... Holiday Gifts That Measure Up

[pictured above: lantern moon tape measure that's in sheep-shape! i have one of these and i love it!]

So I popped in the store on Sunday, right around closing time, to imagine a list I might make of holiday gifts I'd love to receive. I checked in with Kathy, Kennedy, and Emily, too. Then I made a mad dash through the rooms, snapping pictures of all sorts of goodies, from stocking stuffers to a very fancy bag (available in red or green) that would excite most knitters more than, say, receiving a diamond ring. (Let's face it, you can't keep your stash in a diamond ring-- they're terribly impractical.) Here are some ideas for you to give and receive, along with a few bonus pictures-- of my son showing off his new Alpaca fingerless gloves that I made for his birthday, and of a couple of items I found online. Now remember, it's always better to shop local and we all know HCW has the best supply of everything for knitters. But once in awhile I find something out there that I order online, just to round out my collection.

[kennedy says you need one of these bags in red and also green (see below)]

[glass buttons are an exquisite gift. i could just put these on my coffee table and look at them they're so pretty.]

[kathy wants a stocking full of super chunky from knit collage. can you blame her?]

[glass needles anybody? these are so darn pretty.]

[more glass-- do you see a theme here. there are all sorts of beautiful shawl pins made in many mediums.]

[a great stocking stuffer-- why settle for plastic cable needles when you can have these tactilely fabulous bamboo ones?]

[more stocking stuffers-- fancy stitch markers, already wrapped!]

[when i checked on sunday this was the very last yarn bowl in stock and we won't have more until january. would somebody please buy this for me?]

[my son wearing his alpaca fingerless gloves. i learned how to make these in one of deb's classes. gift certificates for classes are also an excellent present.]

[if you want to round out your knit-gifts this year with some t-shirts or posters that proclaim your passion, you can get t-shirts, mugs, etc. online at CafePress or how about a Keep Calm and Knit On poster from this etsy shop.]

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