Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lots Going on at the Store!

First of all, YAY!, the new Interweave KNITS issue is out. And I'd like to toot my own horn for a minute here. I had the great pleasure and honor of interviewing designer Deborah Newton for this issue. She has designed, among other things, hundreds-- probably more like thousands-- of sweaters over the years. She also has authored a bunch of books and one of them, Designing Knitwear is a regular Bible for folks who want to learn how to design their own garments.

Deb is passionate and delightful and talking to her made me want to drop everything and become a designer myself. (This will have to remain a fantasy, given my aesthetic limitations and propensity to knit hats that look like roasted chickens.) Of all she told me, I think what I liked best was her insistence that you never have to rip anything out, you can just fix it. It's a terrific theory. You can pick up the new issue at the checkout desk at Hill Country Weavers

And what better time to stop in than tomorrow night (May 7th) for First Thursday. As usual we're having a nice big fat sale for you to enjoy. Here are the details:

HCW loves all babies!
So snap on a onesie and get down to the All About the Babies First Thursday Sale!

20% off all yarns and kits located in HCW babyland (think knitwhit), all yarns with "baby " in the name (think, baby cashmerino, baby alpaca, baby kid extra....), and all yarns from these Baby Friendly Companies:
Be Sweet
Louisa Harding
Fibre company
Ella Ra
Cottons by Araucania

PLUS!!! 20% off all BLUESKY YARNS in honor of our baby bon bon blanket (get the pattern for free)!

Want more baby???
Try these baby blanket yarns:

Still crying baby???
10% off books and patterns featuring baby projects!

And we'll give you an additional 5%off total sales if you can answer a question about the big babies at HCW!!

See you there,

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