Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Because There Aren't Enough Parties Next Week-- Join Us for KXKP!

Last week, The New York Times ran one of their super popular travel articles about how to spend 36 hours in a particular city. This time out, it was Austin's turn (not the first time) and Hill Country Weavers was mentioned as a must-visit destination! Yay!

The timing of the article was not random-- as we all know, starting at the end of this week, roughly a bazillion visitors are going to be showing up for SXSW. We got a note from Kelley Deal, who you might know from The Breeders. Kelley's in another band, too-- R. Ring. That band is coming to town to play SXSW. As it happens, Kelley is a big knit fanatic. She even has a great knitting book, Bags that Rock. So Kelley wanted to know if she might pop by, knit some rows, and play some tunes.

We said HECK YES!

And then we invited Schmillion-- Austin's own (mostly) girl rock band that has had tremendous success and includes at least one knitter. And we invited Southpaw Jones, too-- he's engaged to a knitter, Miss Maggie, who knits up a mean cowl.

So, that's right folks-- looks like we've got a party on our hands. Stay tuned here for more details as we have them-- like free giveaways for those of you who want to come and help knit microphone stand cozies for Kelley's gig. Meanwhile, mark your calendar and check the bus schedule because parking is going to be H-E-Double-Toothpicks. (Though our party is early enough that there should be room in the lot across the street.)

KXKP Party!
(knit by knit purl)
MARCH 14th
3 pm - 6 pm
Hill Country Weavers
Kelley Deal
Southpaw Jones
(pass it on....)


Shannon Okey said...

You're BREAKING MY HEART! that's the day after I leave! And I LOVE Kelley Deal! *sniff*

Jen said...

Sounds like fun